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Before and After: Our Teakwood Project

It’s the last week of August, and we never imagined that this month would be the fastest month of the year. 2020 is not playing around at all, folks! But to give you a little break of the news and everything that is going around, we put together this #blogpost to show you some “Before & After” of one of the projects that we completed last February. Who does not love some before and after, right?

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When our amazing clients called us to help them renovate two bathrooms and build a new half bath in a 1961 ranch-style house, we knew that we would find small windows and enclosed spaces like every construction of this time.

The main bathroom was big but not enough. You will see that the bathroom was built into small cubicles with a tiny window that was not center on the wall. With that in mind, our first vision for the room was to open the walls and put a bigger window to bring more natural light and give an airy feeling to the bathroom above the floating bathtub. Also, we put a private toilet where the closet was to make the bathroom more comfortable and functional. Our clients wanted a bathroom where they could relax after a long workday, and both could use it at the same time. We came up with a neutral color scheme using earth elements as slate and wood to bring a more organic relax mood.

For the Jack and Jill bathroom, we kept the old layout and got rid of the old tiles, bathtub, and cabinets. We came up with a brighter look with a modern touch for mirrors and fixtures

and a green accent wall. Green is the color of harmony and growth. Also, it renews and restores depleted energy. For a relaxing mood, nothing better than green.

For the new half bathroom, we proposed to our clients a very bold masculine look with brass fixtures and porcelain wood to warm up the room. Our clients love the color blue, and when we proposed a navy blue for the walls with a half wall in shiplap to bring texture and make the half bath look more prominent, they immediately approved the design and loved the results.

For the kitchen, we did a color consultation for the cabinets. Before, we had a very typical 60’s kitchen cabinets with warm orange colors with black countertops. To use the existing flooring and countertops and give a transitional and timeless look for the kitchen, we came up with green olive color. Not only made the kitchen look better, but light up the big space as well.

We hope you love this before and after, and we can’t wait to show more of the projects that we have this year. We would like to thank our amazing clients that opened their doors in their busy schedule to us and our amazing photographer Niji Stanley for capturing all the details of this project.

Also, we want to invite you to our second Instagram Live this upcoming week. We have a series on Instagram every first Wednesday of the month called “Wednesday Wine & Design”. We talk about design, materials, plants, guests, and more. It’s a chance to virtually sit down with you and have a nice conversation drinking some wine. We miss people, though.

We hope you enjoy the read and stay tuned for the next one. And if you are interested to work with us for your next project, schedule your Discovery Call today. We will be so happy to help you. 😍

Have an excellent day!

Daniel and Rome @Lima-Stanley Design

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