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Oscar Project: A peaceful and pet-friendly retreat focused on wellness and groundedness

Interior Design Dallas
Photography by Garrett Mullin

When our client approached us with this project, we could not believe the magnificence of the new home build, with floor-to-ceiling windows surrounding the whole internal of the house bringing the outdoors in so easily, with such grace and beauty.

With a blank canvas for the interiors, our client had only two requests: Oscar - the homeowner's dog - is the king of the house, and we need colors.

A little bit about this project: A 2,700 sq ft one-level house with a modern design in the architecture with a 10 feet high ceiling, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a living and dining area, and an open kitchen area facing a beautiful outdoor area with a pool in the Greenway Parks in Dallas.

After our Inside and Out meeting, we clearly understood the issues that needed to be addressed to make a successful project, plus the client’s vision for the project.

Some of the issues were:

  • Absent of colors

  • Bring the outdoors inside

  • No finishing touches

Some of the requirements from the homeowners:

  • Bring Colors

  • The need for a cozy, and calm space

  • Pet-Friendly

  • Easy Maintenance

  • A place for small gatherings

Our first goal was to create a vision statement that would align the project with our client's needs - This is the first step of our concept design phase - and the idea was:

“A welcoming and relaxing retreat with a focus on recharging and grounding the senses of peace and calm coupled with the energy of small gatherings and entertainment.”


The Approach

The intent was to create a warm minimalist environment that would harmonize with the exterior. With a pool in the view from the main areas of the house, we focus on a color scheme that would soothe and balance the colors of the exterior and gives back the calm and peaceful feeling the client wanted.

For the living and dining area, our approach was to keep open with low-profile furnishing with organic shapes in white oak as the media console and dining table. To complement the feel of the room, we used boucle fabrics for stools and dining chairs and added two occasional chairs with a bold teal velvet color and a travertine side table in between. Also, with an approach of biophilic design in every project we do, we installed two birds of paradise framing the room helping the acoustics and a natural air filter to the space together with an oversized wall art that gives the talk of the room.

A textured white wallpaper was installed on the tv wall to create a dimensional wall that brought coziness and elegance to the living area. The fabrics for the rugs in the living and dining areas are wool and all the fabrics are protected with nontoxic fabric protection.

Textured Wallpaper free of PFC/PFOA/PFOS, conflict minerals, heavy metals, phthalates(BBP, DBP, DEHP, DIDP, DINP, DnHP, DnOP), solvents.

For one of the bedrooms, we proposed to our client a wellness room. A place where she could recharge, practice yoga, exercise, and relax. With that in mind, the room was painted a green color with textured golden wallpaper. With a jute rug and a beautiful cat palm in the corner, the room gives you a feeling of peace and calm as soon as you step in. With twelve mirrors in different shapes and sizes and a recycled newspaper piece of art on the walls, the wellness room is the perfect spot to be grounded and energized.

For the guest room, we focused on warm colors and organic fabrics that would make the room inviting for a weekend gateway. As a hotel room, the guest bedroom comes with a desk with a bold velvet chair where guests can work, a jute rug, wall art, a bench, and a full-length wall mirror. The idea for the room was to create an environment where guests could forget the day to day responsibilities and relax. The wallpaper in this room brings texture and bold color to the space.

PVC-Free Textured Wallpaper with organic bedding.

With an organic and neutral approach, the kitchen being the larger room of the home, we focused to bring sculptural bowls for a wall with a bench where guests can sit or put their pool bags when enjoying the outdoors. We introduced new counter stools and a tripod planter with house plants. Also, in this room, Oscar - the king of the house - has a special place on it. We added a custom piece of art with his cute little face above his bowls. And yes, we love Oscar too!

The main bedroom is a showstopper. With a color scheme resembling the pool, we focus on teal, blues, and greens, we added a custom piece of art that takes the same width of the bed of the client. Our intention was to bring a balance in colors that the client could feel in a retreat resort. We created a cozy and bright reading nook with ivory fabrics for furnishing and sculptural elements on the wall where the eyes can flow easily through the bedroom. To bring the outdoors in, we added a dracaena tree.

All the fabrics as in rugs and furnishing are protected by nontoxic and environmentally friendly furniture protection by Interior Textile Solutions. With that, Oscar can use and abuse his new spots on the furniture.

Some KPIs we measured with this project:

  • 15% of the materials we used in this project are healthy

  • 30% of products are eco-conscious and sustainable

  • 800 lbs of waste were saved from landfills.

We believe that many people could benefit from a wellness retreat. That is something that won’t change anytime soon; there are many benefits to having one. That being said, we are very happy with this project and the beautiful results that came out of it.


Project Credits:

Interior Design: Lima-Stanley Design

Interior Landscape Design: Lima-Stanley Design

Photography: Garrett Mullin

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