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Six Easy Steps to Get Your House Ready for Fall

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Summer is finally over! You can step outside and feel the brisk air. Change is in the wind -- literally! You’re excited for the new season of lattes, blankets, and TV marathons. When it comes to decorating for fall, however, this energy can quickly turn into frustration. Questions like, “Where should I put this pumpkin?” and “How do I make this feel more like fall without turning it into a giant bedroom?” may come to mind. Don’t worry! You’ll be relaxing in no time with these six easy steps to get your house ready for fall. Layer, Layer, Layer Covering your house in layers is the best and most cost-effective way to make your space cozy and warm. This may sound easy, but it can actually be quite daunting! You don’t want to make it look messy; instead, there are a few ways to layer strategically. First, add some throws. I would suggest adding plaid throws, along with faux fur pillows to add warmth to the space. To accentuate the warmth, add warm colors, such as orange and red. This combination will make your living room very inviting. Perfect for afternoon naps, cuddles on the sofa, and hot chocolate by candlelight. Most importantly, try mixing fabrics with different patterns or colors. If you ever need help with this, we offer mood boards, furniture layout, and more to perfect your space. Bring the Outdoors Inside Many people love fall because it brings the beautiful, golden tones of orange leaves scattered on the soft, brown dirt. The air feels open and clear from fresh rain. The grey clouds overhead seem to reassure us of growth. We want to bring this new and fresh element into the house. One of the best ways to bring fall indoors is by adding dried plants! This is easy to do, but it’s often overlooked. Most of the time, when you shop for fall items, you’re looking for simple decor pieces like candles. Candles are excellent for the fall season, of course, but dried plants literally bring nature’s beauty indoors. You can buy these in several forms: wreaths, bundles of dried flowers, dried grass, etc. If you are particular about cleanliness, we suggest going with a faux plant so you don’t have to worry about the arrangement crumbling on the ground. Either way, this natural element can add instant warmth and coziness to any space. Choose the Right Bedding In every home magazine, you will suddenly see flannels or thick throws as this season approaches. Who doesn’t love a heavy, cozy blanket? Materials like flannel can be very inviting, but it should be thoughtfully considered. For instance, if you live in the south like us, flannel is not your friend. When fall is just beginning, you may want to focus on a lighter fabric and focus on throws for the end of the bed. Flannel will always be there for those cold, chilly winter months! Decorate Your Fireplace Mantel Fireplaces are the main focus of the living room. Historically, this was intended to keep everyone warm or dry clothes. While we may not use a fireplace for this purpose anymore, they are an excellent spot for creating an inviting space. Don’t let the fireplace mantel sit ideally; allow it to shine with purposeful pieces. You can pick a statement piece, such as a mirror or large painting, then work your way outwards with smaller pieces. For example, you can have an art piece hanging in the middle, then decorate with candle holders or vases with dried plants. For October, you can add a pumpkin or two, along with lanterns or wood. Then, once winter comes around, you can decorate with more holiday pieces. At the hearth, don’t forget to add a basket with soft, luscious throws. This may take some time to create, but it’s well worth the wait. Flip Your Rug Did you know that you’re supposed to flip your rugs every season? Most people are not aware of this! (You’re welcome.) This is not limited to any room of the house; you should flip every rug of the house. Not only will this change the look of your space, but it will help with the longevity of your rug. Additionally, it will keep the softness of your rug even. While rug flipping may not be the most glamorous or fun project for fall, it is totally worth it. Plant Perennials for Fall Fall does not mean everything outside must die. You can keep your flower garden blooming all year long! If you want to keep your front yard freshly manicured, I highly recommend planting perennials. If you are unfamiliar, perennials live longer than one life cycle; they go through a period of dormancy, then return for several years. In other words, it saves you the trouble or replanting each season. Moreover, if you’re in Texas, you will have plenty of perennial choices. If you’re not in Texas, you can still plant perennials! To find the best native plants for your area, you just need to choose a perennial that fits your local “Gardening Zone” or “Hardiness Zone.” You can do this by typing in your zip code here. Whether you’re a gardening expert or a budding novice, this website will certainly help! As an expert, I would like to share my three favorite perennials: Chrysanthemums

This is particularly common in North Texas, but it is a common fall perennial. Chrysanthemums are wonderfully large and bloom in a magnitude of colors. These circular blooms work well as landscaping accents, but can also be used in flower beds or in a pot. Asiatic Lilies

If you love lilies, then you will love these! Their bloom shape is true to the standard lily. Asiatic lilies are perfect for those wanting variety in their landscaping. In fact, the stalk of these plants is a rich, vibrant green, which contrasts well with the large array of blooming colors. This plant is very versatile, so along with landscaping, it can be found in flower beds or flower pots. Rosemaries

Rosemary is one of my favorites because the foliage is absolutely beautiful. In addition, they have an incredible, fragrant smell! If you’re trying to fill a large amount of space, then rosemaries are a good option because they tend to grow upwards and outwards. Personally, I love to plant these in a medium to large sized pot and place them on the front porch. This is a wonderful, easy way to welcome guests. Smell is an important element to greeting people, which makes rosemary an excellent option because it creates a nice first impression. These are my personal favorites, but there are many, many more options! Your choice will depend on more than what’s visually pleasing. You will have to choose how much time you’re willing to put in for maintenance. (While perennials are not high maintenance, they require love too!) In fact, the plethora of perennial options can be overwhelming. If you have any questions about maintenance, we offer our professional opinion. Don’t be afraid to utilize your local nursery representative as well. Fall decorating does not need to be complicated. By layering the right pieces, choosing the best fabrics, and utilizing plants -- indoors and outdoors -- you’ll be ready for fall in no time! As experts in interiors and landscapes in Dallas, TX, we are more than happy to share our advice. If you still feel lost or simply need an expert, give us a call at 214-769-9703 or email us at We love assisting our clients across the globe, whether it’s here in Texas, abroad in Brazil, or somewhere in between. Lastly, if you’re looking for inspiration, follow us on Instagram @limastanleydesign!

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