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The Wining Team

Updated: Jun 27, 2020


Welcome to not only our website but to our blog, this being our first blog entry ever *feeling excited and nervous all at once*! Our main goal for this blog is to invite you on our career and life adventures by being as transparent as possible. Here you will not only get to know us and the best (our opinion) dog, Rio any owners could ask for, but to also teach our clients and web based audience by sharing our projects. The mission for each blog post is to help allow you to understand our creative process. We believe and hope this will allow everyone to see and understand what they will be receiving when hiring us. As anyone writing, they know they should create an introduction to the readers, which might I add, you should check out our bios on our page to find out our career background. We highly suggest you check out our bios periodically as we are constantly educating ourselves, which in turn we are constantly updating our bios; as for a blog introduction, we feel that it should be more laid back and fun. Now, we promise not to bore you with the tiny details on our little family, but would like to share that we’ve been married for almost 3 years and just recently adopted our first dog together, Rio and yes, he keeps us on our toes constantly, which I am sure you can understand. Socially, we are kind of all over the place. Our newest love is networking happy hours here in Dallas. We have a chance to meet new and like minded people during these networking events which has already forged such great friends! If we are not networking, we are usually hitting up new places in Dallas to experience, especially if it evolves new food to try!! Our close friends and family are certainly our anchors and honestly wouldn’t be here in this moment if we didn’t have them to push us. If you had to ask about obsessions, Daniel is crazy about anything involving owls, whether it be owl coffee mugs, owl tattoos or even owl salt and pepper shakers, let’s just say his obsession for owls runs deep haha. Rome’s obsession would be music! Literally, anything music and Rome is there. If you could give Rome a sound proof room with access to anything music and a comfortable chair (Side note: that could be a great design idea), you would never see him again, haha. We are frequent concert goers and can usually find us in Deep Ellum during the weekends to hear any and all artists playing. In regards to collections, we are both pretty obsessed with vinyl and we haven’t missed a vinyl roadshow yet. So that’s pretty much us in a nutshell. We hope that our first blog entry has not only been enjoyable to read but to also have a little look into our world and what we like to do in our off time. We will be posting new blog entries each Monday if you like to keep up with us. Another great way to keep up with us is visiting our Instagram page at Lima-Stanley Design, as we are posting daily there and adding to our stories, oh and not to forget Facebook which is also found by searching for Lima-Stanley Design. Our Facebook page is more formal and goes over our services and some pricing, but of course if you are ready to hire us, you can always just pick up the phone and give us a ring, we would love to hear from you. Rome, Daniel & Rio

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