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Good design happens when your spaces embrace every aspect of your unique lifestyle. It does not have to be the other way around.

Our Inside + Out Design Service

Our comprehensive interior and landscape design service is meticulously crafted to align with your unique lifestyle while championing your health and wellbeing. We believe that your home should be a reflection of your aesthetic preferences and a sanctuary that supports your holistic wellness. By seamlessly integrating various elements, we tailor our designs to your precise needs, all while steadfastly committing to sustainable design practices that nurture eco-friendly living.

Our approach encompasses a spectrum of solutions—from enhancing your interiors with health-centric designs to infusing your living spaces with natural elements, from sculpting serene open green areas to selecting eco-conscious building materials. Our dedication is unwavering: to enrich your living experience while contributing positively to our planet. After all, at the core of our ethos is a deep-seated commitment to helping you flourish in an environment that's thoughtfully and sustainably designed.



Our project journey begins with a discovery call to align your vision with Lima-Stanley Design, followed by a detailed consultation to set a strategic foundation. We then create a tailored proposal, outlining the project's scope and investment. Upon approval, we progress to our Inside + Out Meeting and Measurement Day, diving into your project's specifics and lifestyle to ensure our design aligns with your goals, reflecting our commitment to holistic design, dedication, and personalized service.



Embarking on the design phase, we initiate the creative journey by shaping the concept design that resonates with your vision. Your ideas and style preferences are invaluable at this juncture, as they inspire the creation of a vision statement, enriched with mood board inspirations, color palettes, materials, and conceptual directions that illuminate the project's potential and path.

As we navigate through the design evolution, our focus intensifies on refining the aesthetic and functional aspects. This encompasses a meticulous review of finish schemes, item selections, spatial layouts, and the intricate architectural nuances that define your space. A pivotal moment in this journey is our Design Review meeting, where we share 3D renderings and initial material selections, ensuring every element aligns with your expectations. Should there be a need for refinement, we are committed to a round of revisions, underlining our dedication to crafting a space that's uniquely yours.

When the design elements coalesce into a cohesive narrative, we present the comprehensive design development documents. Our Design Presentation Day is a detailed exploration of your project, where lifelike renderings, tangible samples, and materials, alongside preliminary investment estimates, bring your envisioned space to life. This milestone seeks your final approval, ensuring transparency and alignment, so when the transformation unfolds, it unveils a space that is not just seen but deeply felt and personalized, embodying our ethos of Holistic Design Vision, Dedication, and Personalized Service.



In the Estimation Phase, we meticulously define your project's scope, aligning our design vision with execution practicalities. We thoroughly assess necessary resources, considering materials, labor, and time, to ensure every project element is thoughtfully planned. Our proactive risk analysis aims to preempt and navigate potential challenges, ensuring a smooth project flow. The phase culminates in a detailed cost estimation, developed in collaboration with our trade partners, providing a transparent overview of your investment. This careful process reflects our dedication to Holistic Design Vision, precision, and our commitment to personalized service, ensuring clarity and integrity throughout.


Project Fulfillment

In the Project Fulfillment Phase, we turn your vision into reality, focusing on the Installation milestone. This stage is all about meticulous project management, from overseeing construction documents to managing the logistics of purchasing, receiving, and delivery. Our team ensures every detail aligns with the project plans, working closely with industry professionals to guarantee that every aspect of the project is executed with precision. It's a phase where our dedication to Holistic Design Vision, Dedication, and Personalized Service truly shines, as we bring every element of your dream space to life with expertise and passion.



In the Moreover Phase, we culminate our journey with a final meeting, ensuring every detail of your project has been realized to your satisfaction. We present you with a digital maintenance care binder, a comprehensive guide to help you upkeep and cherish your new space. Additionally, we welcome you into our exclusive client community through a newsletter, keeping you informed with post-occupancy updates and insights, ensuring our continued support and connection. This phase seals our commitment to enduring service and engagement, underlining our dedication to your lasting satisfaction and the ongoing vitality of your space

They are top notch in their field of design and it shows. Our design is completely us in every way. We highly recommend Lima-Stanley for any design, interior or exterior. We are so happy. So very happy!

A. Sebastian - Grapevine, T


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