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Got a small space? Make it work!

It’s July and we are still facing the pandemic that has affected millions of people around the world. With new waves of the virus, some cities here in the U.S are having to close down again to flatten the curve and this means more time inside of our homes. Living in small spaces could be very frustrating when we do not have another option but stay inside.

Under these circumstances, comfort, scale, and functionality need to be on top of your mind when redesigning a small space.


As we are living, working, and sleeping inside of our homes, our place needs to be comfortable in every element. Not only our furniture has to be comfortable from now on but the color scheme needs to be pleasing. Imagine if you are living 24 hours inside of a room that has bold heavy walls colors? Colors are responsible for the mood of any space. Focus on calm and warm colors for your walls and textiles. Benjamin Moore has great options for off-whites as those examples.

Another element that brings comfort is indoor plants. They bring health benefits and coziness to our space. From snake plants, succulents, birds of paradise, they are full of life. Before you buy them or if you think you don’t have the #greenthumb, we put together some tips on how to take care of indoor plants. Download your free guide here. You will see that plants will make your life better.


The scale is one of the most important elements to design small spaces. The smaller space is, the small the furniture needs to be. However, it does not mean that your furniture needs to be uncomfortable. Some stores as Ikea, West Elm, CB2 have comfortable furniture designed for small spaces.

With home-office in place with no end in sight, if you need to fit a desk to work, instead you can focus on a ladder desk as this one shown. Not only would fit better but it would bring height to the space giving an illusion of a bigger room.

“Floating” your furniture is another great option to open your space. Everything that touches the floor, enclose the space. Focus on sofas or chairs with legs would be a great option for that. However, if you need more storage space, a platform bed with drawers can be very helpful.


Every inch of your home can be used to bring more functions to space. Walls can be used to hold floating shelves providing more storage, towel bars can be used to hang condiments on the kitchen, ladders shelves can provide space for books and decor, and wall sconces can provide more lighting. Lighting is essential for any small space.

Also, focus on furniture with double-duty purposes is the key. Your coffee table can turn on a dining table/desk, or a small stool can be your end tables when you are not hosting.

More importantly of all these tips is to AVOID CLUTTER. Less is more when it comes to creating a well-designed small space.

We hope these ideas help you create better use of your home and if you need more help, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you. At Lima-Stanley Design, we truly enjoy creating beautiful, personalized spaces, whether that’s indoors or outdoors. If you’d like one-on-one advice from an expert in the field, please email us at or schedule your Discovery Call today.

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