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Creating Outdoor Spaces focused on Wellness and Health

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Fall is here, and with that comes the best time to start thinking about your outdoor spaces for the next warm seasons. We know that you are focusing on how Thanksgiving and Christmas parties will be held this year, with all the social distancing in place. Well, we are in the same boat, and we still have not figured out that either, haha. The only thing that we decided earlier this year was to do our Christmas shopping WAY earlier than usual. Amazon, USPS, and all the couriers will be very busy in December this year - take note of that!

Back to design, before we discuss why you should consider starting working on your outdoor space from now, we do have some tips on how to get your home ready for Fall - Six Easy Steps To Get Your House Ready for Fall - We would never leave the ones that love the cold weather out.

With the pandemic that hit our planet this year, we have been seeing a massive spike of homeowners requiring better spaces in their homes that could minimize the social distancing impact. Home Offices, Home Gyms, Flex Rooms, and Outdoor rooms have been designed as fast as the speed of light this year, haha, and will still keep this speed through the next year. In light of this, the best time to create your outdoor space is now.

Importance of Nature for our Health

If you already have an outdoor space, you are a lucky person. Not only do you have better access to natural light where can improve your mood, concentration, stress levels, and vitamin D intake, but you do have space where you can exercise, meditate, garden, socialize, and relax. Those that do not have access to a large outdoor space, doesn't mean you have to be left out. This just means you'll need to be just a little more creative in achieving this and honestly, in our opinions, the chance to create on both large or small scales is our favorite part!

Studies show that spending time in nature has many benefits. It not only decreases our cortisol levels and improves our immune system. It restores our mental functioning in the same way as food and water restore our bodies.

Even if you do not have an outdoor space, go for 10 minutes walking around your neighborhood. Your mind and body will thank you for it.

Outdoor Spaces

From backyards to rooftops, outdoor spaces are places where you can socialize, exercise, meditate, relax, have a specific area for your kids to play, and more.

When designing your outdoor space, you should first think about what feelings you want your space to emote. Secondly, think about how the space will function specifically for you. If you are a big host, an outdoor kitchen and a pool will be great for your summer pool parties. For families with kids, an outdoor playground with outdoor-grated safe toys where they can be creative will help their development. Or if you are a big fan of beautiful gardens, a well-designed front yard will bring you happiness and increase your property’s value. The function of the space can be infinite.

landscape design
Landscape by Paul Bangay - Australia

Some things you have to evaluate when thinking about your outdoor project are the position of your property, sun exposure, soil type, privacy, security, healthy materials, overall wellness that you require, and the land and the ongoing maintenance you want to invest.

That’s why it is essential to start designing your outdoor space in the cold seasons. It will allow you ample time to sit down and think through all these areas to curate a unique piece of landscape that speaks truly to you. It will also allow you time to schedule the installation at the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring.

For more details on how to design an outdoor kitchen, check this interview that we did for the Outdoor Cooking Pros.

Outdoor Furniture and Decor

Outdoor-rated furniture is essential for any covered or uncovered outdoor space. Depending on where you live, summer months can get extremely hot - Texas here, y’all - and metal furniture can be very uncomfortable. If you decide to go with metal furniture, make sure to put seat and back cushions with outdoor-rated fabric. Wood, rattan, wicker, and resin are other alternatives of materials for outdoor furniture. All of them go back to how the level of maintenance you want to have.

two outdoor chairs
Drift Collection by Richard Frinier

The technology for outdoor fabrics is very advanced today, and we do have infinite options of colors and patterns to play with it. So you can be bold or minimalist, your cushions, pillows, and curtains will last for years with the right outdoor-rated fabric. It’s worth the investment.

Outdoor rugs can bring fun colors, patterns, texture, and protect your flooring. Make sure to use rug pads or put heavy furniture on top to avoid any trips. Outdoor-rated planters can bring small trees to covered areas, and weatherproof bins can be spread around the house to store toys, hoes, and gardening tools. You don’t want those items to turn into trip hazards for you, your family, and guests.


We know that was a lot of information in a short reading. However, if you need any help in creating your outdoor space, schedule your Discovery Call today. We will be so happy to help you.

Also, we have a series on Instagram and Facebook every first Wednesday of the month called “Wednesday Wine & Design”. We talk about design, materials, plants, guests, and more. It’s a chance to virtually sit down with you and have a nice conversation drinking some wine. We miss people, though.

We hope you enjoy the read and stay tuned for the next one.

Daniel and Rome @Lima-Stanley Design

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