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Eight trends that will shape Interiors and Landscapes for 2021

It’s December 2020! After 86 months of 2020, we are coming to a close. We could start this blog with a big retrospective of 2020, but let’s be real, 2020 does not need that. This year has been a big challenge for all of us. And to make 2021 a better year, we put together eight interior and landscape trends that will shape our homes from now.

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Home Offices

home office dallas
Via Instagram. Design: Angelica Chernenko

With stay-home orders and lockdowns in place because of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies and schools are still dealing with remote work. Big corporations as Google and Twitter have been giving a choice of WFH (work from home) to their employees. It has been a significant change in the corporate world in the last 100 years. We see substantial demand for better-designed home offices that can attend to the whole family’s needs with that in place. As parents and kids having different schedules, the need for other spaces to listen to these needs has been increasing and we will be heading to 2021.

Multifunctional Furniture

Furniture that can transform spaces with multifunction got a big jump in sales in 2020 and it still has a significant demand for 2021. Especially for small spaces as studios and lofts, pop up coffee table with storage turns in home offices for many, fold-up tables turns in desks and outdoor tables, as ottomans with storage bring more seating to any space.

Healthy Materials

Because of the pandemic, we have been staying 100% indoors this year. The increase in search of healthy materials to help reduce the pollutants inside our homes has been on the top of many homeowners’ minds. Many manufacturers have been changing their products to accommodate many buyers’ requests, from furniture to building materials. We will see this trend by going to 2021 and forward. We have a blog post only talking about Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Check it here. Also, do you know Rome is a Healthy Materials Specialist? Send him a message if you need help with that.

Bringing Indoors Outside

kitchen outdoor dallas
Design: Franklin Landscape & Design - Australia

Outdoor spaces still on demand for many homeowners. With no traveling in mind, families are investing in creating outdoor areas to host more. From landscapes to outdoor kitchens, and from hot tubs to pools, homeowners want to have their outdoor area comfortable, functional and use it as another space inside their homes. Not only will it be the spot to be on summer 2021, but the ROI (return of investment) in outdoor spaces is more than 100% on the value’s house. If you need help to create an outdoor space, check this blog post.

Warmer Colors

Earth toned color schemes are increasing and are heading to 2021. Greens, blues, beiges are having a big moment for 2021. These calming and relaxing colors change spaces to make our homes cozier, relaxed, recharged, and comfortable. With a “sanctuary” approach, most paint companies bring their warm color palette with many beautiful pops of color options for their customers in 2021. Colors have a big part in the design. The psychology behind colors is infinite and has a significant role in our wellness.

Sustainable Design

Emphasis on sustainability is a common trend. However, society is evolving in environmental commitment to materials for interiors and landscapes for 2021. Technology advances in the home industry have been on top of manufacturers. From furnishing to fabrics, we have seen a considerable increase in sustainable products and practices to reduce carbon footprint, waste and increase materials’ reuse. The circular economy is starting to be part of the home improvement market and will continue in the future.

Home Vegetable Gardening

Via Pinterest

With more time indoors and the increase in cooking, home vegetable gardens are on top of many homeowners’ minds. From herbs to fruits and vegetables, it is possible to grow anything if you have a small area on your backyard or balcony. Parents who have kids studying from home, planting edible plants cover snack time, physical education, and science class in one fell swoop. Organic food on our table from our garden? Who thought that a pandemic would bring these old practices back to our homes?


Gardening is a beautiful way to manage stress and improve wellness, and this past spring allowed many to reconnect with their gardens or nearby green spaces. In 2021, gardening will continue to provide a creative outlet. There will be a lot of excitement in planting a backyard oasis or getting more plants and planters to the living room, whether people are heading back to the office or continuing to work from home. Get you back to landscape is one of Daniel’s mantra lately.


We hope you enjoy this blog post and that you stick with us for this coming year. We will bring more topics, lives, giveaways - YES, YOU READ IT RIGHT - and more to 2021. Also, we wanted to thank you for being here with us as we celebrate two years in business this week. At the same time that it looks like it was yesterday that we decided to open our biz, it feels that we have been here for a decade.

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We wish you a happy and joyful holiday and a new year full of health and success.

Stay healthy, wash your hands, and wear a mask!

Till next year,

Rome and Daniel Stanley

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